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3D-model for CNC and printers of any complexity.

Architects and designers of interiors and exteriors, furniture manufacturers, sellers CNC machine tools and other interested persons!
We offer you services for the production of 3D models in the format. STL (and not only) for printers and c CNC machine tools (CNC) based on your sketch, photograph or drawing submitted in paper or electronic form. Also, we can make changes to the existing model.
Create 3D models is performed using a differentiated approach. We use a variety of softwares including artistic modeling, depending on the complexity of the task. It provides high precision, since drawn the smallest details of the subject, which then facilitates prototyping.
On the basis of three-dimensional models you can make a prototype of any of the known methods: Stereolithography, fused deposition modeling etc.
You can see examples of our work, and you will appreciate the skills level of our specialists.